It's not easy being 48L* -58a* 28b* (green).

by ,

PMS 356C
48L* -58a* 28b*
92C 11M 98Y 15K
55R 136G 70B
8.57X 17.59Y 6.53Z
131°H 59%S 53%
Hex/HTML 3b8a49
Pittsburgh Paints: 4A-6 Ivy League
Spectral wavelength: 520 - 570 nanometers
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

On this St. Patrick's day, I thought I would pause to give props to the cool neural sensation we refer to as GREEN. This is "The Color Space", after all. Did you think I was going to discuss waffle makers here? No, for that you will have to see my blog called, "The Small Home Appliance Space".

As the list at the top of this post indicates, there are so many ways to convey the color green. It doesn't matter if you are a color scientist, color management geek, painter, photographer, school lunch lady, or St. Patrick's Day reveler, green has different meanings for everybody.

Quick Quiz: The image above is a) PMS 356C  b) 59R 138G 73B  c) GREEN, you idiot!  d) The Libyan flag  e) All of the above.... The answer of course is "e". Duh. Anytime you are given a choice of "all of the above", take it. This thought process never steered me wrong on multiple guess quizzes at John Marshall Senior High School. And I don't know if there is any truth to the rumor that the guy who designed the logo on the Cleveland Browns football helmets also designed the Libyan flag. 

"The color green is everywhere in nature, satisfying our spirits and filling us with neutrality and peace. Green comes alive in clover fields, rolling hills, and the leaves of a tall aspen forest. Easy on the eyes and naturally calming, green symbolizes life, harmony and wealth. Soothing as green tea, or invigorating as fresh mint, green will create a restful environment and promote well-being in any home... "

No, I didn't write that last paragraph, thank you very much. It was written by some copywriter in the marketing department of the Pittsburgh Paint company. They want you to buy some green paint to put on your bathroom walls because it's better than that dull taupe color you have in there right now. What are you thinking? That Taupe doesn't even come close to matching the new soap dispenser and tooth brush caddy you bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond last month...

Green is the color of nature, trees and grass.
Green is the color of spring and new life.
Green is the color of Kermit the Frog who often crooned about the difficulty of being green.
Green is the color of money and greed.
Green is the color of envy and jealousy.
Green is the name of the room that Lady Ga Ga waits in before she comes out on Leno.
Green is the color of ecology and conservation.
Green is also the color of those canvas bags at the grocery store that the Prius drivers want me to use instead of paper or plastic. Who needs all that canvas in the landfills? That seems wasteful. I'm sticking with plastic.
Green is the color of youth.
Green is the color we say someone is if they are new to something.
Green is the color of the Libyan flag. That's it. Just green. Really.
Green is the color of the jacket that Tiger left in the hotel room.
Green Day is a good band.
Green Bay Packers are a good football team.
Green is one of the colors of Christmas.

As my friend Kermit the Frog sings, it's not easy being green. So next time you find yourself 89C 10M 98Y 10K with envy, pour a tall frosty glass of 59R 138G 73B beer or a nice cup of 3b8a49 tea, and relax in the naturally calming PMS 356C room. 

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