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Johnsonville Serves Up Delicious Assets on Demand

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They say a picture’s worth 1,000 words. But could it also be worth 1,000 tastes? At Johnsonville, that’s just what you’ll find...mouth-watering images that will have you reaching for your grill tongs. And it’s Kelly Owens’ job to make sure everyone can find each delicious photo they need.

As the most popular brand of sausage in America, “our identity is in all our photography, packaging, [and] our product images,” says Kelly, Packaging Graphics Coordinator at Johnsonville. With the sheer volume of graphics, images, and video files, maintaining control can be “very daunting,” she admits.

Prior to implementing a digital asset management (DAM) system, Kelly and her team found themselves fielding endless requests for files, and struggling to maintain control of their evolving brand standards. It could take them hours to find the latest version of a specific file, save it to the required format, and share it with the appropriate team members. This cost Kelly and her team valuable time, and created a significant workflow bottleneck.

The need for efficiency was clear. Johnsonville began searching for a DAM system two years before Kelly joined the team. Her prior experience with DAM and Widen helped Johnsonville select the Widen Collective® for their brand management needs. The team limited their initial implementation to the marketing department, and later expanded the user base to include other departments — such as human resources and manufacturing — as they become aware of the system's value.

Usability, scalability, and control

Kelly's team had a lot of success scaling their DAM system across departments over time. “We started out just with a small group of departments and then we opened it up,” notes Kelly. “We have buy-in now from the entire marketing team.”

They have also expanded their use of Collective apps to include Portals, to give their market-focused sales teams an easy, on-brand way to create, share, and access each business units’ specific assets. “We brought on Portals,” says Kelly, “to ensure that they’re getting the assets from their business unit. It’s very easy to navigate through the portal and they can easily download in a format that fits their needs.” The result? Better management and control of all of Johnsonville’s digital assets.

Local meets global

As Johnsonville's international presence continues to grow, so does the use of their DAM system. With teams across 40 countries, the Collective has proven to be a vital tool in maintaining brand consistency.

For example, advertising agencies in Japan and China use Portals to develop their local B2C websites. The self-serve nature of the Collective gives teams access to assets whenever they need them, wherever they are!

The proof is in the numbers

The Collective has helped Johnsonville streamline their brand management process, and the proof is in the numbers. The marketing team no longer spends countless hours fulling file requests...users across the globe downloaded over 17,000 assets last year alone!

To the Johnsonville team, the Collective is more than a time saver. “DAM is a lifesaver,” shares Kelly. “I don’t get requests anymore, I don’t have people calling me…they’re accessing it themselves.” And not only does this time savings result in cost savings, but it also allows Kelly's team to focus on the creative and strategic work they love!

About Johnsonville

Johnsonville is headquartered in Sheboygan Falls, WI with presence in over 40 countries around the globe. To meet the needs of every product and market they serve, they’re continually creating new sales, marketing, and packaging materials, which translates into hundreds, even thousands, of brand and marketing assets that need to be properly stored, maintained, and accessed.

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