Join us for “A Contagious Collective Experience” at the 2015 Widen Summit

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No matter what industry, role or experience level, the glue that holds Widen Summit attendees together is that everyone uses the Media Collective to manage valuable digital assets, streamline workflows and improve content management practices across their organizations. What that means and looks like varies by individual and company, but in the end everyone expects to make the most of the Widen Summit experience. 

What does “A Collective Experience” look like to you?

Are you attending the Summit for the first time and hoping to learn the DAM basics to take back to your operation and start rocking and rolling with your new DAM? Have you attended every Summit so far and will be attending the fourth Summit because you know you will learn innovative and interesting new ways of using your DAM to better serve you and your organization from other experienced DAMsters? Did you just inherit a DAM system that hasn’t been maintained and now you are tasked with organizing, auditing and restructuring? Are you connecting content as a librarian, an archivist, at a college or non-profit organization and need some refreshers or to learn the coolest new features that will help you share, organize, maintain, create collections and protect your assets?

We rolled out our full agenda of Summit breakout session topics and session leaders last week and think there are many sessions, opportunities and activities that will catch on. We’re planning a program intending to provide you with the tools and knowledge to take to the next level in your DAM experience, no matter where you started. 

Take a peek as Widen CEO Matthew Gonnering brings us a “contagious” welcome to what you may get out of the Summit this year. 

You won’t need to wear a Hazmat suit and helmet while attending the Summit this year, but you will definitely learn some “contagious” tips on exactly why things catch on from keynote speaker Jonah Berger. What inspires us to recommend something to someone? What concepts do our brains latch on to, to make us act, move, ideate, inspire? It’s fascinating to think about, and Jonah will use his many years of research to share some insights on these topics.

The concept and recognition of the megatrend of storytelling is something we practice at Widen in everything we do, from marketing and product development, to customer contests, and even to managing and working with our staff. The human brain connects to a story – that’s all there is to it.

This year, we stepped out of our own box and are excited to announce, for the first time, a second keynote speaker. Donna Lichow, story engineer advocate, story mapper and master storyteller, will lead a keynote session as well as an optional storytelling workshop on the second day of the Widen Summit, October 21. They keynote session will be held in the morning and the storytelling workshop in the afternoon. Some of the key takeaways from the workshop will be:

  • Craft and communicate simple and impactful narratives.
  • Incorporate rapid storytelling tactics into your workflows, meetings and projects.
  • Imagine, fine tune and test ideas, features, landing pages, marketing copy and flows on the fly.
  • Map, reverse engineer and asses competitor digital experiences with narrative arcs.
  • Quickly and effectively assess strengths, weaknesses, gaps and opportunities for designs, features, content and functionality.

We highly recommend sticking around so Donna can help you strategize ways of mapping out your next story! 

Check out our full lineup of educational sessions and topics and let us know what you think! We want your input so that we can adjust these topics to best serve YOU. We know you take time out of your busy lives to attend the Widen Summit and we want to deliver a program that empowers you as a DAMster and in other ways, too.

To make it easy, we created the Widen Summit customer to-do list to help create the best possible experience:

1. Register to attend the 2015 Widen Summit if you haven’t already.

2. Let us know if you would like to contribute to an educational breakout session.

3. Tell us what topics you would like to see covered in the agenda.

4. Share any special use cases or unique ways of doing things we can spotlight.

5. Inspire us with ideas for fun activities we can host during your visit to Madison.

6. Justify the expense in getting multiple members of your team to Madison. It’s minimal, since the Summit is FREE to all Widen customers!

We look forward to sharing “A Contagious Collective Experience” with you and your team in October!

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