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Key themes from MarTech San Francisco 2017

by Deanna Ballew, May 31, 2017

The MarTech conference brings together 2,500+ marketing and IT executives and managers. In addition to attending sessions, our team gathered some great insights from one-on-one conversations with marketers and IT pros at our booth. Here’s a look at some of the key themes and takeaways.

Congratulations to Widen customer Red Wing Shoes on their Stackie award!

Before we get into the themes, we wanted to congratulate our customer, Red Wing Shoes, for their MarTech Stackie award. They received the Stackie award during at the conference, and we’re honored to be part of their marketing operations.

You can see below how their martech stack is built around driving customer personalization, unleashing team productivity, and showing value.

MarTech Stackie Award

[Source: Red Wing Shoes and chiefmartech.com]

Key themes in marketing technology

There are a lot of options in the marketing technology landscape

Scott Brinker and Anand Thaker launched this year’s edition of the marketing technology landscape at MarTech. It’s the seventh edition and maps out all the vendors in the marketing technology space. One look at this doc and it’s pretty clear how active this martech space is. There are a lot of marketing problems to be solved, and this list of 5,000 vendors has set out to help solve them.

Marketing Technology Landscape

If you look real closely, you’ll see the Widen logo in the DAM & MRM category. We’ll forgive them for using an outdated version of our logo since it’s one of 5,000 in this doc.

Data is key to the present and future of marketing

Not only was data a key theme in MarTech presentations, it was also one of the most popular topics at our booth. Many attendees had questions around how we handle data. Is it collected from the assets in our system? Can we track asset use outside of the DAM system?

We hear two key uses of data from our customers. The first is to optimize the DAM system for users. Savvy DAM admins pair data on top of searches by users with data on results returned to make sure users are finding what they need. The second key use of data from a DAM system is on the use and success of the content within the system. Trends in the downloads and shares of an asset can give insight into the ROI of the asset.

Here’s a look at the data available in the Widen Collective.

Integrations connect tools

Another topic that was a buzz in sessions and at the Widen booth was integrations. Teams have many tools they use to get their work done. Connecting those tools via integrations is an opportunity for a better experience for internal teams and their target audiences.

We’ve got some big integration news coming early this summer, so stay tuned!

Doer of all, master of none

A friendly reminder that you can’t do it all. Or if you do try, you’re not going to master anything. Don’t get caught up in always chasing new tools and technologies. There’s value in mastering and maintaining what works. This also ties in with data. It’s important to take a step back, measure, and optimize.

It’s not tech or human…it’s both

One of our favorite topics around marketing technology is the importance of the human(s) that make it work. Check out Jake Athey and Jennifer Hurley’s presentation from the Intelligent Content Conference to read more about getting the most out of DAM technology.

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