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Let creatives be creative: DAM integrations for efficiency

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Following breakfast and a morning welcome from Widen CEO Matthew Gonnering the Widen User Summit returned to info sessions aimed at helping participants make the most of the Media Collective.

Nina Brakel-Schutt and Libby Maurer started their session “Powering creative operations” talking about the role of the creative in marketing and how software integrations can improve work processes and efficiency.

“Creatives” as a workplace role have been around since Mad Men times, providing the identity and images that define brands and companies. The role is constantly evolving, and in the past few years, brand managers, social media marketers, marketing technologists, and content managers have joined the creative ranks.

More than ever people in creative positions are juggling lots of responsibilities. DAM is one way to improve organization and the Widen Media Collective steps up the power of DAM with software integrations that tie-in popular programs and boost productivity.

diagram of the creative workpath

In addition to helping streamline work, integrations connect systems and strengthen DAM as a central repository of rich media. Combining DAM with software that people are already using makes it easier for them to fold it into their workflow.

Widen currently offers the following integrations:

  • AtTask: Combining forces with this popular project management software allows users to have a single hub for projects and collaborations that involve rich media assets.
  • ProofHQ: This content review and approval software integrates seamlessly with Media Collective so that commenting, routing, and approvals in ProofHQ also appear in Media Collective.
  • Adobe InDesign: Speed up design time and eliminate broken links in InDesign files with drag and drop capabilities right from Media Collective.
  • WordPress: You can combine DAM and CMS forces so that you directly search the Media Collective for content. This integration also allows for dynamic resizing and embed links that auto-update.
  • Dropbox: Widen’s partnership with this free file sharing program means you can sync desktop and mobile devices and create hot folders for easy uploading to the Media Collective.

Widen is already offering a variety of integrations with more planned for the future. Support for our application programming interface (API) is available to help you develop custom integrations to meet your needs.

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