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I’m a visual learner, therefore I enjoy analogies. My latest one, in terms of Digital Content Management and how Software as a Service makes you more effective, refers to a bicycle versus a car analogy.

Take a person who lives 20 miles from their place of employment. Their only mode of transportation is a bicycle, so every morning they wake up at about 3am and start pedaling to get to work at 8am. (Yes I know Lance you probably don’t leave till 7:30am) Do they get there? Yes. Is it the most efficient way? No. Now imagine being the manager of this bike rider, and all the time they are pedaling to and from work they are still getting paid. Reallocate and invest that wasted money towards a tool that improves marketing operations, no need for new spending.

This can be related to your marketing communications efforts in handling your digital media. The time spent pedaling is like the time you spend searching for the digital assets on servers, burning files to a CD or messing with FTP sites.  If you only had a car you can imagine how much more effective you’d be. Better yet, with a hosted digital asset management solution, it’s like having a mechanic riding shotgun with you at all times in case something would go wrong.

The worst part is there are some companies out there that are oblivious to the cars racing by them (probably honking their horn in anger) while they ride their bikes, not even knowing that these “vehicles of marketing expertise” even exist.

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