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What do your favorite colors say about your chosen career?

Are you an art director, but you always wondered if you should have been an undertaker like your parents wanted you to be?

Then here is something that is fun to try....

Our HR manager here at Widen sent me this simple test the other day because she knows I'm a color geek. It is really a career assessment tool, but it involves color, so I think it is blog-worthy here.  The Color Career Counselor (no, I didn't make that up) from is powered by the Dewey Color System (no, I didn't make that up either) - the world's only validated, non-language color-based career testing instrument.

During the test, you are shown a set of primary color swatches (red, yellow or blue) and you are asked to pick your favorite and least favorite colors. It then has you choose your preferred secondary (green, purple or orange) and achromatic (black, white or brown) colors. After filling out a short form, it delivers your results and tells you the type of work you should be doing based on your color preferences.

Color Career Couselor

Should you be a marketing manager, or a professional bingo player?
Take the Color Career Counselor test and find out.

If you want to read more about the test, go to the article that describes the test in more detail - Could Your Favorite Color Determine Your Perfect Job?.

Or if you want to jump right in and take the short test, go to the Color Career Counselor test on

In my next blog post, I will take you to a test to see if you are using the right kind of furniture polish based on your Pop Tart flavor preference (Okay, I did make that one up).


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