Making DAM a Priority for Marketing Workgroups

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The main goal of marketing work groups is to develop materials and strategies that will sell enough of a service and/or product to surpass business goals within a certain time frame. The quicker a marketing strategy can be put into action, the sooner revenue can be earned and goals reached. Therefore, it stands to reason that any marketing group would benefit from being able to share and review materials and ideas as a team, that they will be more likely to show ROI if they have not only a wide range of materials to work with but that such marketing assets also have information about their past successes and failures. Marketing work groups will also help their companies surpass goals if they have a means of disseminating marketing assets to the right people and sources.

Making DAM a Priority for Marketing WorkgroupsMarketing work groups should also of course be managed in an efficient and accountable manner. For the highest ROI, there has to be a means of evaluating how well a marketing campaign has worked and which employees should be held accountable for not meeting deadlines or for creating materials that consistently fail at becoming marketing assets.

The reason that Digital Assets Management (DAM) should be a priority for all marketing work groups is because it provides a means of meeting the challenges outlined above. Since marketing assets are available to the marketing work group in a communal fashion, members of the work group have the capability of downloading and sharing the same materials at the same time. Each can review assets, leave comments, and immediately communicate with each other to develop marketing strategies. Having assets available in Software as a Service platforms such as those offered by Widen also allows team members to have such “virtual meetings” no matter where they live or during travel as long as each person has Internet access.

Since the marketing assets available to team members are likewise available or may have already been used by other marketing teams and sales representatives, they can also receive invaluable input on assets already used by others. This allows for greater dissemination of field knowledge and thus helps marketing work groups more efficiently develop more powerful and focused marketing assets.

At the management level, Digital Asset Management Tools allow for easier evaluation of the marketing work groups themselves because data about deadlines and ROI for marketing campaigns is available and easily analyzed.

See the DAM Asset Management solutions available from Widen for a free, hands on trial of DAM that will boost the performance of marketing work groups.

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