Making DAM Software Evaluations Easy with a DAM Sandbox

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DAM has become a fairly recent tool and means for businesses to increase efficiency and streamline marketing processes. Although the use of DAM is rapidly growing, and especially so for large, very successful companies, there are still thousands of companies that may not be so sure of its functionality or value. Despite all indications pointing to Digital Assets Management eventually becoming an inherent aspect of marketing at all levels (due to the incredible popularity of social media), since it is still a relatively new concept for many, one can't blame them for being cautious, especially so during such competitive times as the present business climate.

To assuage any fears about or worries that digital media asset management is too difficult to put into practice or that marketing strategies could become fatally bogged down by using DAM, or that it’s simply a waste of resources, Widen is so sure of their Software as a Service products that they offer a free trial of their Digital Asset Management Sandbox.

The purpose of this Software as a Service trial from Widen is to help people realize how truly easy it is to use DAM as well as how invaluable it is for a business. Those who assumed that such software takes weeks or even months to set up will be surprised to learn that your DAM Sandbox can be up and running in just two days. People concerned about how DAM will affect marketing strategies will likely be pleasantly surprised to find that it streamlines the marketing process. And those who are worried that DAM is just a waste of resources may discover that it is actually invaluable for marketing in the twenty-first century.

Making DAM Software Evaluations Easy with a DAM SandboxThe DAM Sandbox from Widen allows administrators to upload a select library of digital media assets and review various functions and workflows with how DAM fits within present and future marketing processes. There can be as many users of the sandbox as the administrator allows and they can experience how DAM functions in their daily tasks. They also have the chance to use it for long term projects because the free trial doesn’t have an expiration date. In this way, users and administrators can literally field test this software for ongoing projects as well as create new marketing strategies. This second possibility is particularly transparent as both users and administrators can then see for themselves how functional DAM is for their business.

Since the DAM sandbox is available to prove its functionality, it is set up to be easily evaluated in a number of ways. A straightforward means of evaluating functionality is actually an aspect of DAM developed by Widen therefore such features aren’t limited to the trial version.

Test the Digital Asset Management Sandbox powered by Widen.

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