Making your DAM usage better with a Widen end user survey

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DAM end user surveyWiden has a number of additional services that we provide to our customers to help them not only maintain their digital asset management system, but to continually improve its organization and efficiency for its users. One of the methods is to gather direct feedback from their users via an end user survey.

Widen will help you craft a survey that is sent to users of your digital asset management system. There are two main areas in which we aim to gather useful data from your users to help direct future software development and organization efforts. The first area is specific to Widen’s software — more specifically, the user interface. For example, do your users find it easy to use?

The second area is specific to the content contained within your DAM system. For example, do your users understand the organizational structure of your category tree? Or, are the assets they are looking for even available?

Here are some questions we suggest you ask your end users.

Background info on user - We start by gathering background information on the user. Depending on their role within your organization, this will help put a perspective on their answers.

What is your current role within the organization? Dealer/Distributor/Internal Employee etc...

Frequency of use

How often are you in the system?

Ease of use of the software - Find out whether they feel that the software is easy to use. 

Do you feel that the look and feel of the software interface is easy to understand and intuitive?

Speed and performance of software - Find out their perception of the speed and responsiveness of the software.

Do you agree, disagree, or neither agree nor disagree with the following statement?

“Overall, the software seems very responsive and I am happy with the speed in which pages refresh and show results.”

Conversion formats and quality are appropriate - Converting assets is a major feature of Media Collective. The available formats must be appropriate for your users for the system to be useful. Make sure available conversion formats are clearly labeled and meet their needs.

Do you agree, disagree, or neither agree nor disagree with the following statement?

“When ordering converted assets, I find the available conversion options are clearly labeled and understandable, and they are formats that I find useful.”

Competing sources for asset fulfillment - Media Collective might be the only source to obtain your assets. If it is not, consider asking a question comparing it to the other sources.

Do you agree, disagree, or neither agree nor disagree with the following statement?

“I find the collective to be the most efficient tool available to me to obtain assets.”

Quality of assets contained in system - Widen’s software can be the easiest to use in the world, but if the assets in it are not what your users are looking for, no one will come back.

Do you find the system to contain the images and files you are looking for, and that they are of excellent quality?

Quality of metadata - If you have bad metadata, no one will be able to find the assets they are looking for.

Do you find that the metadata, or information about the file, is current, accurate and useful?

Quality of organization - The categories on the left and spotlights categories are a very important way to organize your assets. The ease of understanding that organizational structure will greatly impact the usability of the system.

Do you agree, disagree, or neither agree nor disagree with the following statement?

“I find the organizational structure of the categories on the left side of the user interface to be well structured and easy to understand.”

Training - Find out whether your users feel they have been properly trained, and whether they are interested in future training sessions.

Do you agree, disagree, or neither agree nor disagree with the following statements?

“I feel I have been properly trained on how to use the system.”

“I would be interested in attending future training sessions.”

Support - Support is only helpful if it is easy to find, fast, and accurate.

Do you agree, disagree, or neither agree nor disagree with the following statement?

"I am quickly able to locate support resources within the software, and the support team is very quick and accurate with their response to my questions."

Feature-specific questions - Ask questions about specific features within Collective to find out whether you could better tweak them to improve usage.

  • Embed codes  - Do they find them useful? Are the size and quality options appropriate?
  • Collections - Do they find them useful? Are they easy to use?
  • Sharing - Do you use the sharing feature?

Want to talk about how Widen Media Collective can help your organization? Schedule a complimentary consultation with our DAM advisers.

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