Managing a DAM System as a Team: An Interview with ASQ

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Managing a DAM system as a Team: An interview with ASQ

We're big advocates for DAM administrators. After all, admins play an essential role in the success of any digital asset management (DAM) system. They lead technical system maintenance; marketing global processes and procedures; metadata creation and consistency; training; and user support.

Being a DAM admin is no small task. So when hiring a full-time DAM admin isn’t an option, managing it as a team is a good alternative. It even has its benefits. ASQ, a global membership organization of quality professionals and practitioners, is one company that’s found success managing a DAM system as a team.

The ASQ DAM team has four core admins: Randy Benson, Senior Creative Services Specialist; Jennifer Gaertner, Senior Creative Services Specialist; Cathy Milquet, Manager, Creative Services; and Barbara Mitrovic, Senior Creative Services Specialist.

Roles on the DAM team

Every team has a leader. For the ASQ DAM team, it’s Barbara. Her vision for the ASQ DAM was to help make processes more efficient, provide the right content to the right people, and maximize productivity. Barbara also has an intimate knowledge of the DAM system and how it’s structured.

But Barbara couldn't achieve these DAM goals without the help of a great team. Randy, Jennifer, and Cathy use their knowledge of different business areas to collaboratively maintain the DAM. “We all kind of do the same thing,” said Randy. “We all upload our own assets, manage the metadata, and push content out to our users as the assets relate to the projects we’re updating.”

Benefits of managing a DAM system as a team

Learn faster together

The ASQ team found it was helpful to learn together. If someone didn't immediately understand something during the onboarding process, someone else on the team could explain it in a way that made sense. Randy shared, "Then we could all move forward. We supported each other in that whole process."

Multiple perspectives

Another benefit of managing a DAM system as a team is bringing together multiple perspectives. “We all know different areas, or workgroups, at the company better than others so we can come at it with their points of view too and share that with everyone,” stated Jennifer.

That variety in backgrounds leads to a more user-focused DAM system. “We’re all looking at usability from different perspectives. We’re covering everyone's basis from a user viewpoint,” added Randy.

Metadata is one of those areas of DAM that really benefits from collaboration and multiple perspectives. “If it was up to us, I would just pick the job number that’s in Filemaker (a project tracking database) but that means nothing to our internal customers,” said Cathy. Instead of just one person determining ASQ’s approach to metadata, the DAM team gathered user input by including users in a metadata exercise. The exercise and collaboration lead to apply search terms that users actually use.

Shared responsibility

Managing a DAM system as a team also has the benefit of shared responsibility. “We’re all busy...but we’re all very committed to the DAM and making it the best it can be,” emphasized Jennifer.

“We rely on each other. If someone else is overwhelmed, someone else can pick up the day-to-day work,” added Randy. “Because of that, we’re able to carve out time as available to upload assets and manage the DAM system.”

Shared process across different projects

A challenge for many organizations is having multiple tools and processes across projects and teams. But a team approach to DAM administration helps resolve this problem. Cathy said, “because we are all in charge of managing different projects at ASQ, we follow the same process, the last being that we upload it to the DAM as we’re closing it out.”

This unified strategy allows for greater consistency and accuracy across DAM admin processes. “Sometimes I go to Barb when I’m uploading similar jobs to hers,” said Jennifer. “I’ll make sure I’m using the same kind of upload profile and packaging the pieces the same way.”

The results

The ASQ DAM helps users find the files they need faster. By implementing, managing, and maintaining their DAM system, the ASQ DAM team has helped their users save over 7,500 hours a year. They are proof that a team approach to DAM administration can be effective, efficient...and even fun!

You can learn more about how ASQ uses and benefits from their DAM, the Widen Collective®, by watching our interview with Barb.

To learn more about best practices as a DAM admin, download the DAM Implementation Playbook.

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