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Manufacturer can’t imagine life without Widen Collective

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Customer Video Interview

Sharon Doan considers herself the “Jane of all trades” at Poly-Wood, a manufacturer of fine outdoor furniture based in Indiana, but she’s also one of the global admins of their digital asset management (DAM) system. Anything that deals with content, whether it be digital or print, goes through both Sharon and their DAM.

Sharon uses the word “chaos” to describe life before DAM. Like many other organizations that have yet to get on the DAM train, they had multiple copies and versions of images stored in various places. There was no central storage or search. In addition, many of their dealers had different dimension and format requirements for images. It became clear that managing all of these differences was not something that one person could do manually.

With the DAM up and running, it mainly serves two purposes at Poly-Wood. The first is to be the central source for storing and searching for all of their assets. Sharon worked diligently with her sales and marketing department to define the metadata they use to search and transferred that over to the DAM. The entire organization can now type in any commonly thought of terms, like style, color, material, and SKU number, to search for assets and they immediately come up. They initially had a very narrow use case in mind for their DAM, but it’s versatility and expandability has turned it into a critical tool they rely on every day.

The second purpose is to deliver the files in the correct format and size. They have an international dealer network that has different delivery requirements. Through Widen’s on-the-fly conversion feature, they are able to manage one master high-resolution (hi-res) file in the DAM and convert it to the correct file size and format on the fly for each dealer. This is also available on demand, all day, every day, which is critical for international business.

The success of DAM at Poly-Wood is easy to see and feel. The analytics show that demand for assets has grown significantly — even month to month. They can even feel the difference in how they manage assets now vs. in the past.

Sharon simply states that Widen has made her life and Poly-Wood’s life a lot simpler. With Widen’s current support, future vision, constant updates, and additions to features, she can’t imagine working with anyone else. Sharon has a great deal of experience dealing with the pain points of not having a DAM, the process of searching for a DAM, and the implementation and launch of a DAM to an international dealer network, and now she and the rest of Poly-Wood get to experience the benefits of having a finely tuned DAM. Poly-Wood is an amazing customer, and we feel lucky to have them.

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