Marketing Asset Management: A Solution to Challenges Faced By Working In Distributed Environments

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The Internet has improved communication to such a degree that many employees no longer need to battle traffic or take a train when starting their work day. Commuting to the office has increasingly become as simple as turning on a laptop or mobile device and going online. This Internet age dynamic has made it possible for many companies to have marketing teams and sales representatives spread across a number of states or even working out of countries on the other side of the globe. Working out of such distributed environments can have geographically strategic advantages as well as lower costs in terms of travel but doesn’t come without its downsides.

Marketing Asset Management: A Solution to Challenges Faced By Working In Distributed EnvironmentsPerhaps the greatest challenge faced by working in distributed environments is that of being unable to meet with fellow team members to review and discuss marketing materials. Logos and sales sheets can be sent by email but making a review process done by messages sent back and forth is much more time consuming than meeting with a group of people face to face and also has a higher propensity for errors as a result of miscommunication. Videos, perhaps the most important marketing asset, on many occasions can’t even be sent via email due to firewalls or their large size. Yet another issue to overcome when working together from geographically distant areas is the ability to quickly share marketing materials.

A solution to such efficiency decreasing obstacles is an online meeting room of sorts that comes in the form of digital assets management. Nestled within the framework of DAM, Marketing Asset Management solves most (if not all) of the challenges posed by working in distributed environments. Instead of traveling to meet in an office to discuss marketing materials, team members can simply connect to the Internet, login to their company' s Digital Media Asset Management platform and look at what others have uploaded. If they are required to review and make comments, they can see what others have said and make their own suggestions for other team members to see. They can also post materials they have created or found online to their company's "virtual meeting room" to share with whomever else has access. The possibility of forgetting to bring important marketing materials to the meeting has also become a non-issue with Digital Media Asset Management as long as the digital material in question is on their computer or available online.

Having access to videos due to their large size has also become a non-issue when DAM is used because as with all digital materials stored like so, they are kept in storage sites with large memory capacities. 

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