Marketing: Step Up and Make a Decision

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Marketing teams should feel empowered to make decisions on technology without I.T. involvement.   Why?  Marketing teams move fast because they have to in order to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.  Other parts of the organization may not be positioned to move as fast as marketing wants to and therefore may hinder marketing’s performance. 

A good example of this might be I.T. teams that may not entirely understand what marketing is trying to accomplish – but the prioritization of I.T. projects usually places marketing near or at the end, after business systems support; absolutely not good enough for marketing.  Try explaining the importance of brand equity and digital asset management to an I.T. person and it will get placed in the “to do” pile which means “we’ll never get to it, but good idea.” 

Empowering marketing to make technology decisions without I.T. is what software-as-a-service providers are all about.  Software-as-a-service providers have already created the structure to accommodate the mover-and-shaker marketers that want to continuously change to meet the market demand. 

Some organizations still have I.T. teams validate with a simple yes or no that the providers meet the technology standards in the best interest of longevity.  But after the validation there is no longer a need for the I.T. teams to be involved with the technology that you want to use.

Feel empowered, use software-as-a-service.

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