Marketing Technologists Would Thrive in Freedom

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Marketing Technologists Would Thrive in Freedom

Culture may be near the end of our M.A.R.T.E.C.H. competency framework but it is absolutely the foundation for a marketing technologist to be successful. I attended the WorldBlu Freedom at Work Summit in Miami and you need to look no further for cultural direction than the environment that WorldBlu has created.  Traci Fenton has been helping transform cultures using organizational democracy since 1997.  Marketing technologists would thrive in freedom and the WorldBlu 10 principles of organizational democracy provide a structure to advance our “C” in the M.A.R.T.E.C.H. competency framework.  

Purpose + Vision: Establishing the reason for your MarTech existence is a good start and providing clarity around what the future looks like is motivating for others.  Not clear about the future?  No problem, Abraham Lincoln provided us guidance here, “the best way to predict the future is to create it.”  

Transparency: Sharing the MarTech strategy and your intentions are important but you are not sending an email to everyone saying, “this is our marketing technology strategy, consider yourself informed.” Make it meaningful.  How does the MarTech strategy align with the organizational mission?  How does MarTech support our ability to create and keep a customer?

Dialogue + Listening: Instead of just buying technology, the marketing technologist listens to the marketing experience and understands the ‘why’ by engaging in meaningful conversations.  MarTech supports that experience by discovering, implementing, training, managing, integrating, configuring and analyzing a variety of technology-based solutions.

Fairness + Dignity: A dignified career in marketing technology may not be flooded with rewards and red carpet treatment, but your servant leader mindset allows your pride to come from within. A marketing technologist with strong emotional intelligence allows us to be self-aware and translate fairness through a lens of empathy.  

Accountability: The most obvious people counting on you is the marketing team and your accountability extends from there.  Other people certainly benefit from your services and it important to understand the ripple effect of your role to give you more meaning.  Your accountability reaches into the customer experience to enrich their interaction with your product or service.

Individual + Collective:  Contributions of the marketing technologist are individual and team.  As an example, there is great individual accomplishment after implementing your new digital asset management system AND that contribution is helping to connect your visual content with the ambassadors of your brand. An individual win AND a Collective win (literally, in this case, a Media Collective win!)

Choice: Marketing technologists are best served by making their own choices in technology AFTER consulting with their networks, peer groups, evaluations and other trusted experts, mentors and advisors.  Mandates to use specific marketing technologies ‘because that’s how we do it’ are not enabling the right culture.  Build out the MarTech stack in the interest of the customer experience, not based on the fear instilled by your boss.  The WorldBlu power question!  What would you do if you were not afraid?

Integrity: The discipline to act in the best interest of the stakeholders within the ethical framework of your organization is integrity at-work.  Doing what you say you will from a marketing technologist’s perspective is helping to create an enlightened customer experience.

Decentralization:  MarTech is not the new place where “no” is mantra, like the corporate I.T. departments of yesteryear, it’s the place where we make things happen.  For that to thrive, MarTech decisions need to be made closest to the problem.   MarTech is about enabling, not restricting, and decentralization of power is a way to make that happen.

Reflection + Evaluation: Continuous feedback will help shape the marketing technologist role within your organization.  Reflecting on the dignified choices you make and sharing how they are aligned with MarTech purpose + vision is a cultural advantage for the marketing technologist.

Advance the world of marketing technologists using the Freedom at Work cultural movement!

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