Marketing technology can't live only in IT

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Marketing technologistMarketing technologyMarketing technology can't live only in IT anymore. This is the new mantra of the marketing technologist; the person with a role in marketing who uses knowledge of coding, web applications, and other tricks of the IT trade. IT and marketing departments often butt heads. Both have budgets and time constraints to deal with and, like a marriage counselor, many an administrator has had to urge both parties to work together to make the relationship work.

Most times, neither department is at fault for not achieving the efficiency the company would like. Any time two different departments are involved, lost time and inefficient communication are inevitable. Therein lies the value of marketing technologists, who would feel at home in IT, but bring those technical skills to dedicated roles in marketing.

Marketing technologist roles cropped up for several reasons; DAM Software played no small part in that. Three of the biggest contributing factors have been:



Time: As DAM has become a tool necessary to marketing departments that need to efficiently and effectively deal with large digital asset libraries, the marketing technologist has been the answer for developing marketing programs and applications for rapidly changing marketing dynamics. In general, IT departments just don't have time to keep up with all the changes in marketing. The IT world, after all, is pretty dynamic, too.

Budget differences: The need for more efficient and effective management of digital assets helped gave rise to brand management software. A good marketing technologist likewise saves the company money and makes it run more efficiently by doing work that would have been difficult to budget otherwise.



Technology as a creative medium: The marketing technologist blends the creativity of marketing with IT knowledge to come up with unique solutions that function within the DAM system.
As marketing departments become more reliant on digital asset management programs to keep branding consistent across channels, marketing technologists might emerge as the best qualified to implement and/or administrate those DAM systems. They have the technical skill to troubleshoot, and the marketing know-how to ensure that the power of the software is being put to use to swiftly bring great marketing strategies to fruition.

Watch a demo of software-as-a-service DAM developed by Widen to get a glimpse of what your marketing technologist should be administering.

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