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Matthew, Al and I had a call with a DAM analyst from Gartner yesterday – those DAM analyst you know… they're always on to something new!  We enjoyed sharing the ‘ole Widen update about our direction with video asset management, cloud computing, creating a more enjoyable user experience and appliance expansion among other top R&D initiatives for 2009. 

But then we got into the juicy stuff affecting marketing operations in 2009.  The type of marketing operations dealing with tight budgets, a change in spend and shift away from traditional ad mediums. 

Then the conversation shifted to YouTube.  (My favorite online hobby).  No doubt, YouTube, social media and the demand for rich media is changing the attitudes and behaviors of the workforce, marketing strategies and the corresponding demands on I.T.  It’s an exciting time to be in this industry!  What are your corporate governance policies on YouTube as a purposeful messaging medium?  Please share!

Our stance on YouTube is that it is an excellent destination site for video and serves the purpose for socializing and democratizing video content by providing a community for “like” videos.  However, it’s digital asset management tools that take the pain out of having to manage and repurpose video and other rich media content.  As Gartner has predicted, more than 25 percent of enterprise content will be images, audio and video by 2013.  How will organizations manage this content?  The simple answer is DAM.  In a tough economy, the more exact answer is DAM SaaS.  Hence, the reasons why we’re investing so much R&D efforts on embed links and cloud computing resources for offsite media storage.

Digital asset embed links allow marketers (who are shifting more toward online mediums) to repurpose images and video across all online channels while controlling their brand by maintaining the master file in one central repository.  Cloud computing allows us to offer our DAM SaaS solutions with on-demand scalability, while you budget for what you use.  As many of the analysts have stated, SaaS has the lowest penetration rate, but highest growth rates.  There are several (several may be stretching it) hosted digital asset management tools out there, but only one mid-market DAM company can claim the longevity and an evolving 60-year understanding in the makeup of digital assets.  Ok, Al Gore, we didn’t "invent" or "create" digital assets 60 years ago, but Widen was there...

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