Me, my mullet, and Widen

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Brian Becker, Vice President of Client Development & QC

It was May 1988, I just completed my initiation with Widen Colourgraphics (what we were called back then) by surviving 3 straight months of making dylux books for Western Encylcopedias.  I really enjoyed the “D” book, my fascination with dinosaurs I guess.  I soon moved into making color proofs for Widen which – back in the old days – was done by hand toning the CMYK toners onto stock that was exposed with a high-powered light source.  At that time, Widen had two rooms of “strippers” (did they actually have that title on their business cards?).  These people assembled the images and copy manually onto many flats of film that, in turn, were merged into 4 individual separations.  Ever hear of Plate Negatives, Plate Positives, Emulsion Up, Emulsion Down, linescreen, dot shape?  It all seemed very complicated!  Color management has changed a lot in the last 20 years.  Heck, I might have even had a mullet back then!

It’s now September 2008 (no mullet) and working at Widen has changed dramatically.  We are still a very strong premedia services supplier, 8th largest in the USA, but we’ve added even more to our portfolio.  The architecture that we created to manage our own company’s internal needs and expectations has been developed into an outward facing, web accessible system known as digital asset management (DAM).  Just as Widen became a leader in premedia services, Widen is the 3rd largest software as a service DAM provider in the world.  Widen provides solutions for brand recognized companies such as Motorola, Reebok, Sub-Zero/Wolf and Trek for the management, organization, and distribution of digital assets from a central repository. 

I have also had the luxury of working with some of the best people in the industry and without their dedication to grasp new processes and equipment, our success today could not have been achieved.  I am looking forward to the next 20 years.

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