Mid-Market DAM Solutions Still Exist

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Dwindling? Not exactly... Restructuring? More so... Confusing? Definitely.

Some of the recent DAM coverage makes it sound as if the mid-market has vanished.  Wrapping up our best year (and sixtieth year in business), we’re still a leader in mid-market DAM and are geared up for exciting 2009 advances in technology and service.    

No doubt, 2009 is the year of being more effective.  Effective with your technology, your strategies, your staff and your purchasing decisions. 

In the Widen world, corporate marketers, non-profits, universities, media/entertainment companies and agencies of all sizes have deployed a full-featured web-based digital asset management solution for a little more than what you would pay for small workgroup applications, but at a manageable monthly subscription.  If the web-based model isn’t serving creatives and IT, you can have the internally deployed Widen Appliance.  Widen has shifted focus over the last five years from offering “enterprise-class” solutions to offering what is classified as a “mid-market” solution simply by adjusting our cost structure in leveraging the SaaS model along with cloud computing resources.  In fact, we often compete with the “enterprise-class" vendors and have deployed several solutions serving large enterprises, including some of the most recognizable brands in the world. 

As a SaaS provider, we’ve got the infrastructure to offer scalability on-demand, while clients pay only for what they require (and use).  We haven’t removed any features or capabilities and clients can have a fully functional digital asset management product online within three weeks.  You’re not sacrificing functionality with the “out-of-box” solution from Widen, unlike other solutions that require a considerable amount of customization in order to get it working for the organization. 

You do have several options for configuration, in which the Widen Communications team walks you through every step.  Some of the configuration is handled by Widen staff, while much of the configuration is handled by the trained client administrators.  In 15 years of developing DAM systems, 4 releases per year and a pool of 60,000+ users providing feedback, Widen is able to offer a wide variety of global and optional features, applications and enhancements that help tailor each solution to the unique requirements and workflows of every organization. 

Nintendo doesn’t sell you a Wii for $1200 to include four controllers, nunchucks, tennis rackets, golf clubs, balance boards and the whole works.  Like Widen, they provide a cool core product and various options (many of which are included with the Widen service) that allow you to create a more enjoyable end-user experience.

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