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By Deanna Ballew, Widen Manager of Development & Infrastructure
The power of any digital asset management (DAM) application is having the data in your DAM library organized and easily found and able to be downloaded. We are continually searching for ways to improve the user experience, so we chose to integrate with Dropbox. Along with the DAM system, a majority of the Widen Media Collective user base uses Dropbox to share files. The integration of Dropbox with the Media Collective streamlines the process of sharing files for users even further and also provides added functionality that is very attractive for DAM users today. Dropbox is a widely-used application that has file-syncing abilities across multiple devices – from your desktop computer to your mobile phone – already built in.
The integration allows files to be moved between Media Collective and Dropbox applications, and users can take full advantage of the best features in both an organization’s DAM system and individuals Dropbox accounts.
Some of the benefits of the Media Collective’s integration with Dropbox are:
  • Notification when files are downloaded. Files downloaded from a DAM system can be sent via Dropbox and synced with your devices. Dropbox notifies you when files are available on your devices. You do not have to wait while they are downloaded.
  • Syncing across multiple devices. If Dropbox is setup to sync to multiple devices when a file is downloaded, such as to a tablet, smartphone and desktop computer, files will be sent to all devices.
  • Easier upload from devices. Dropbox has easy methods of adding file folders on mobile devices and desktops. Make use of all of these methods to add files to a specified Dropbox folder and the files will be automatically uploaded in your DAM system.
Widen Media Collective Search Results with Dropbox Integration Authorization Active
Widen Media Collective Search Results with Dropbox Integration Authorization Active
Widen Media Collective Asset Distribution to Dropbox
Widen Media Collective Asset Distribution to Dropbox
To start sending downloaded files to Dropbox, you just need to authenticate your Dropbox user account on your User Profile page of the Media Collective. After clicking the Authenticate link, enter your username and password via the Dropbox login page. After you authenticate, all of the Download buttons in the Media Collective appear as Dropbox buttons. Instead of downloading files to yourself, they are sent to your Dropbox account. You can still send files via the web link to other users.
Uploads can be completed after an administrator links a company's Dropbox account to an upload profile on the DAM site. After a company’s Dropbox account is linked to an upload profile, users can just drop files into the Dropbox folder and the Media Collective will automatically upload them to the corresponding upload profile, which has permissions set to include metadata and security details.
If you don't already have a Dropbox account, register for a free account at To enable this feature on your DAM site, contact The feature can be enabled immediately and permissioned to specified user roles.
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