More Options for Storing Video in DAM

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Widen Enterprises' Digital Asset Management, or DAM SaaS, has taken great strides to add Video into it's mix of marketing assets that it manages. I previously wrote a blog about Mezzanine formats as a way to maximize video management. Video files are huge in file size, and Mezzanine formats are a great way to make high quality video accessable to your marketing and sales channels while keeping a lid on the amount of storage they consume.

Let's take youtube for example. The amount of compression it uses on uploaded videos degrades the quality quite a bit. So the question is, how high of quality video do you need to upload to before you see no perceptible difference in quality.

Here is a youtube video that came from a DV file that was about 68 Megabytes.

Here is that same clip, but I uploaded a H.264 version at 10:1 compression. It was only 6.8 Megabytes.

There is basically no perceptible difference in the end result. If the amount or storage is an issue with adding large amount of video to your DAM system, in this case, using H.264 as mezzanine format would allow you to store 10 times as many videos utilizing the same amount of storage if you used hi res DV files.

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