New Widen infographic shows why digital asset management is a critical component in the marketing technology ecosystem

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We believe DAM, as an engine for building enjoyable customer experiences, is the foundation to the marketing technology ecosystem.

DAM represents the piece of the martech puzzle that provides central command for deploying visual content and rich media assets that help marketers connect with customers. 

In an age where companies across all industries are creating and managing thousands of digital assets to better connect with customers, DAM is a critical component to powering efficient and effective marketing operations.

In this new infographic, we show how DAM fits within the enterprise marketing technology ecosystem. DAM facilitates the complete content lifecycle, from creation to distribution and beyond. Integrating DAM systems with other marketing technologies is core to leveraging content and data for optimal marketing experiences.

True to form, Widen exists to help creative and marketing teams connect marketing content across these four areas:

  • To create and capture new content
  • To manage and organize existing content
  • To share and distribute relevant content
  • To analyze and track successful content


We created this infographic to show why DAM is a digital marketing priority as evidenced by its critical nature to support today's top marketing priorities.

Why Digital Asset Management is a Critical Component in the Marketing Technology Ecosystem

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Research sources include:


For more information, check out this blog post showing Widen’s position in the marketing technology ecosystem.

Request a demo to see Widen’s digital asset management solution in action.

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