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Backdrop™ by Widen is heading for New York City to attend the PhotoPlus Expo October 23-25, 2008.  This is THE most important event in photography and we’ll be there debuting our photography workflow management application (booth 1848 for those marking your calendar) and other digital media management tools.  According to Exhibitor Magazine, the 2007 PhotoPlus Expo was one of the top trade shows of the year and 2008 will be bigger and better!

We’re kicking around some tag lines for our booth concept (which thanks to ZDO in Shevegas – I mean Sheboygan, Wisconsin – are fantastic) and thought we’d throw one out there for you to think about.  Since Widen does SaaS (software as a service for those not usually tortured by technical acronyms), one super cool thing about Backdrop is the ability to be ANYWHERE in the world and view, review, and comment on photo shoot images via the web-based photography approval system.

So, how’s this tag, “Wherever you are – Backdrop – brings the shoot to you.”  I know – it loses something when you don’t see it on a cool storyboard – but it definitely brings the point home that – no matter where you might be – and no matter where your shoot might be – your reviewers can login, view and approve!  Viola! 

Seriously, I know many creative departments are being asked to cut, cut, cut expenses from their budgets.  And taking an entourage to each and every photo shoot can be pricey.  With Backdrop, ROI is virtually immediate.  For organizations that shoot with multiple photographers across the USA, they can’t afford NOT to have a web-based photography routing and approval system in place – and Backdrop makes their photography workflow more efficient than they ever thought possible.

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