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I don't think anyone is confused about the staying power of newspapers and television news.  While internet news sources have been consistently growing over the years and gaining readership, the actual amount of the users are stunning to some people.  An in-depth study by Ipsos MediaCT has revealed exactly what these user numbers look like.

According to the study (link) 72% of business executives think that a strong web presence is integral for business publications.  Essentially, these executives may be watching or reading the news at a different time, but the web presence and search ability of the same publication's website is also a vital aspect of providing the news.

The convergence of the news media formats is also something that is growing tremendously.  As many as 57% of these executives have streamed or watched broadband video on their computer.  What we can see from this is that the synergy of media is allowing for a more cohesive presentation of the news.  Can't make it to a television in time?  Watch the exact same news on your computer.  This also seems to provide a technological security blanket for users, allowing them to experience traditional media through a new interface.

Along with this study regarding the ingestion of media, it has also been found in a separate study that promotional spending on traditional media is dropping significantly (link).  According to Eloqua, marketers plan on reducing their spending on printed media by 55% over the next three years.  While this is significant in itself, they also claim that the majority of this money will be re-appropriated to internet advertising budgets.

Alternative media forms have also gained a foothold in the market according to these reports as well.  According to Ipsos Media CT, there has been a 40% increase in blogging and social marketing usership, while Eloqua goes on to point out that marketers plan to increase their spending by as much as 77% over the next three years.

So what does this all mean?  The internet is getting bigger and more popular right?  Well who didn't know that.  While this may not seem like big news to some people, it may serve as a very slight wake up call for others.  Some businesses have resisted the changes associated with Web 2.0 and associated workflows.  While it may not have been justifiable to have someone on staff or outsource a portion of your business to address these needs, it seems that the time has come to pay more attention to where the internet may be going.

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