No Country for Drawn-Out, Outdated Processes

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This weekend marked one of the least viewed Academy Awards
in history according to Nielson media research. 
Down millions of viewers in many key demographics, those at the Academy
have been left asking themselves why there was so little interest.  Many reasons have surfaced as possibilities,
such as the writers strike preventing proper advertising and also the overall
dark nature of many of the movies turning off viewers.  I have a different opinion.

The awards themselves run slightly over four hours.  And that is just what’s televised!  I believe that the lack of viewers can be
nailed down to just a few simple facts. 
The awards are boring, don’t affect our daily lives and don’t really
invoke any emotions in anyone whatsoever. 
Just like with tasks at work similar to this, what do you do?  You quit doing things that way or find a
better, more efficient way of completing the task at hand.

Think about your daily tasks at work, and compare them to
this particular four-hour affair.  When
you need to fulfill marketing or corporate branding needs, the fastest method
possible is always the preferred method, right? 
Digital asset management allows for instant ordering, conversion and
delivery of any digital files.  Whether
it’s for internal or external usage, the files will be made available
immediately.  No more using the wrong
logo by accident, or an outdated version of a file and no more struggling with
video storage.

Widen’s digital asset management applications are your
anti-Academy awards.  We waste no time in
fulfilling your daily requests and update the entire system three times a year,
so becoming obsolete is never an issue. 
Once you’ve experienced Widen’s suite of media management applications,
you’ll never want to change the marketing channel again.

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