On-Demand Digital Asset Management Solutions for Agencies

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If you're an advertising agency or creative design firm...

Are you looking for ways to stand out from other agencies?  I’m sure you have plenty of reasons, but Widen would like to help you add at least one more.

Are you looking for ways to add value to client relationships?  Widen can make it very easy for you with a hosted digital asset management system.

Are you looking to add more revenue streams?  That’s simple… (A little extra coin is always a good thing!)

Are you looking for more time for creative and design and less time spent on tedious tasks? (Of course you are…)

If your clients are asking for global web access to the “brand assets” you’re responsible for, Widen will help you.  If you’re looking for a tool to help you become more organized and efficient while enhancing client relationships and adding revenue, Widen will help you.  Learn more about Widen Digital Asset Management for Agencies.

View our video testimonials from ZDO about how they were able to differentiate from the competition, add value to client relationships and add new revenue streams with the help of Widen's creative software technology.

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Widen Wins!

Widen Wins "Best Digital Asset Management Platform (DAM)" at ClickZ Marketing Technology Awards

Widen Wins "Best Digital Asset Management Platform (DAM)" at ClickZ Marketing Technology Awards

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