On-premises digital asset management software - How other systems add hidden costs

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snail - the slow downs that come with installed digital asset management softwareWhen you see a DAM vendor announcing a new update that provides compatibility for a new (or not so new) operating system release, you really start to think about the hidden costs of developing and maintaining onsite DAM, especially when those DAMs require installed client software.

To the defense of onsite DAM vendors, it’s difficult to synchronize DAM release schedules with the release schedules of Apple and Microsoft. On the other hand, how long are users supposed to wait to upgrade their machines? It’s one thing for a DAM update to come out a few weeks after a new OS version is released. But it’s quite another issue when users are forced to wait upwards of half a year or more before they can upgrade their workstations. (It’s even worse when some other software requires the new OS upgrade but the DAM software forces the user to stay put.)

And then you have the labor involved with each upgrade. For example, upgrading an onsite DAM server means you have schedule a few hours’ downtime and hope for the best — for one machine. You might lose an evening or, if things don’t go so well, an entire weekend. But if you have hundreds of users scattered across the world, or even just across the campus, think about the time you’ll need to update all those installed software clients every time a new update is released. (God forbid a .1 “fix” is issued a few months after a major update and you have to do it all over again!)

Maintaining onsite DAM that’s based on installed software clients can be a lot of ongoing work — there’s no getting around that.

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