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One Internet, One File

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The funny thing about the digital asset management competitive landscape is that we talk about making it easy for users to search and download images, video and other types of digital media.  Once users locate the appropriate digital assets it makes sense for them to download so they can be placed on a web site or used in desktop software applications.

The funny part is coming.

Isolate the digital assets used in web sites across marketing channels for a moment.  Think of every file that is owned by corporate marketing teams and used throughout the internet for promotional purposes.  This could be product images used by distributors or dealers, training videos, recordings of executive speeches, or high-definition promotional videos.  Every time someone wants to use one or all of these digital assets they download them from the digital asset management application and place the branded files into the appropriate internet location (e.g. web site, blog).   On the surface, the digital asset management system accomplished the objective. 

Here is the funny part.

You have surrendered control over your entire marketing library because you just let everyone that needed to place your branded material on their web site to download a file from your DAM system.  Something that you were told you would have more control over just went out the window.  When you want to change or remove that file you trust everyone will check back to make sure they are using the most current version.  You could also send an email notice (or have the DAM provider do it for you) to let the user community know a new digital asset exists.  How many users do you think will change the file on their web site to the most current version because you asked them to? 

Here is a funnier part.

Imagine this is a video file -- you have just burdened the infrastructure and I.T. department of your marketing channel by giving them a cool new video to help promote the product but they cannot use it because it would cripple the entire web structure if more than 10 people watch it simultaneously.  A cool new video that cannot be repurposed by your channel partners is an expensive shame.

Now we can get serious.

Think big picture.  These files are all being used on the internet somewhere in a web page or blog.  There is only one internet so why do you need all your channels to download their own files?  It’s not your fault, you were trained by digital asset management providers to believe the purpose of a DAM system is to enable users to search and download.  Widen is here to break those bad habits caused by our own industry.

One internet, one file.

Since there is really only one internet, Widen has allowed organizations to use one file (located in the Widen DAM system) across all internet locations.  Instead of enabling users to download files, users of Widen digital asset management technology copy a pointer to that file instead.  That pointer is just a bunch of text (JABOT).  Side note:  I learned from tech junkies to make up acronyms and use them frequently to create another language that can only be deciphered by like-personnel, enter new acronym, JABOT.

When JABOT is placed on the web site or in a web content management system like Clickability, the web page presents the digital media from the DAM system every time the page loads.  This includes images and video files so the strain of video is no longer jeopardizing the infrastructure of your marketing channels.  The Widen DAM system is scaling to meet that demand.  And if you want to change the image or video, the change is made one-time to the DAM application and every place that used the JABOT now represents that new digital content within seconds.  It’s magic.  No more downloads! 

Welcome to Widen world and our philosophy on managing digital media: one internet, one file.

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