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Online DAM and Marketing Efficiency

Digital Asset Management (or DAM) can be carried out in a number of ways but not all of them produce the results you hope for. Installed DAM software for use on servers at company headquarters might sound tempting at first but once the high costs and investment of IT department time are taken into account, it starts to lose its appeal. When the difficulties associated with hosting large numbers of digital assets to be accessed by large numbers of internal and external parties are considered, it doesn’t even seem to be a viable option.

Online DAMA better choice for management of digital assets is an online DAM system. Letting third-party servers host digital assets solves any issues related to internal bandwidth use and figuring out where to safely store digital marketing materials at company headquarters. The cheaper cost and easy implementation of online DAM systems is also a big plus but one of the strongest arguments for acquiring an online DAM solution is the increase in efficiency and productivity that marketing teams experience after getting on board with the new system. It’s hard to beat a tool that improves performance and cuts costs and online DAM software does this in a number of ways, a few of which are outlined below:
Online DAM software allows marketing teams to work anywhere – With in-house attempted management of digital assets, setting up campaigns for regions far from headquarters becomes a much more time consuming endeavor. Sure they can still set up the campaign from the office but they won’t have the valuable insight and connections of marketers and sales associates who live in the target region. If marketers that use in-house servers want to become more familiar with distant territories, overhead shoots up with costly flights and hotels, not to mention the huge investment in time.

Contrast this to companies that use online DAM hosting. Their marketing teams can set up residence anywhere as long as they have access to the Internet. This makes it easier to expand into new markets and even if they do need to travel to a site, they can set up marketing campaigns on site by using brand assets that they have immediate access to with their online DAM system. They might even discover that new, updated assets have become available upon arrival if such assets were engineered and approved while they were in transit.

Online DAM solutions help with branding – When using an online DAM system, branding gets a major boost. This is due to the high level of organization that comes with online DAM along with the ability for administrators to control user access and remote users to get their hands on brand approved materials. An online DAM solution is set up for excellent organization of assets. Administrators decide how to categorize marketing materials but can also get help with the process if the online DAM is provided by a SaaS DAM vendor. Organizing assets by date of creation, format, regional use, and level of branding helps administrators and marketers know which assets should be put into use for a wide variety of situations.

With administrators controlling user access, this also aids with focused branding because users only have access to marketing materials deemed appropriate for the situations they are likely to encounter. These assets may be provided for specific campaigns, events and promotions or for general branding and marketing usage. Nonetheless, all materials can be easily controlled and your users get the most current version.

Online DAM tools greatly reduce time spent on management – When you don’t have to worry about whether or not your DAM system is functioning at full capacity (or even working at all), you will work in a more efficient and productive manner. Administrators and end users alike can stick to their core tasks and just let the online DAM software do its thing because management of the system is taken care of by the provider. They host all aspects of the system so even if you wanted to waste time with managing it, you couldn’t because none of it can be found on in-house servers. In addition to boosting efficiency, it’s best to leave management of the online DAM in their hands in any case because they are the system experts.
Assess ROI of assets with online DAM tracking – What better way to measure the efficiency of marketing teams and the effectiveness of assets than by assessing their ROI? The best online DAM systems have such useful features and provide administrators with a means of taking the online DAM solution one step further by locating the assets that work, those that should be discarded, and finding strengths and weaknesses in marketing strategies.

Online DAM systems help marketing teams and companies increase efficiency and productivity. Request your live product demo to see the Widen online DAM solution in action.

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