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Dear Dr. DAM: Our Digital Asset Management Workflow Runs Like Molasses!

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DEAR DR. DAM: My name is Louise, I’m from Nashville, and I am in charge of the digital marketing materials section of my company’s advertising department. In just one year, I went from being in control of our digital assets to being completely overwhelmed by them. Due to the popularity of those social media websites like YouTube and Facebook, my higher-ups decided that we needed to make them a much bigger part of marketing strategy.

This required quite the overhaul in the marketing department because most of our previous materials were used for print or radio. No longer! Now, I would say that 70 percent of our assets are used in digital media.

I got two assistants to help me with the process but it wasn't nearly enough. We started running into storage problems as soon as the high resolution images began to "pile up". That was temporarily solved with a new server but when the videos started pouring into our corporate image library, I swear they brought our old DAM system to a standstill. I mean, they take up so much space that the system itself doesn't appear to be capable of handling those assets.

And forget about finding them! I spend most of my work day just fulfilling orders for assets. It's got to stop. Please tell me that another DAM system will provide a solution!

DEAR LAMENTING LOUISE: From the tone of your letter, I can tell this is stressing you out. Take a deep breath and relax—your DAM problems can be solved and your workflow is going to run like a well oiled engine. No more storage issues and no more wasting your precious time searching the system for assets. 

Now here is what you need to do: get software-as-a-service DAM from Widen.

Widen uses cloud storage to securely host your digital assets. Putting all of your assets into the cloud will free up local storage space. Our experts will then help set up the system to make it easy to retrieve those assets, and they will show you how to set user access to ensure branding compliance. You’ll also get updates on a regular basis to make sure that the system always works at its highest potential.

Watch a demo now to see why Widen DAM is your best choice for managing your digital assets!


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