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Read. Laugh. Rinse. Repeat.

When you use the term "Out of Gamut" in color management circles, it means you are probably talking about a color that is out of the range of colors a device can reproduce - Like a brilliant orange you cannot get on a four color printing press.

When you use the term "Out of Gamut" in cartoon circles, it means you are talking about a type of humor that is out of the range of typical humor that a cartoon like "Mary Worth" or "The Family Circle" can produce.

Actually, I just made that up. I don't know if that's true. But it probably is. I mean how old is Jeffy on "The Family Circle"? He has to be like at least 40 now, and he still looks like he's only 7years old. He has that strange, oblong head. He always leaves that thick, black dashed line as he takes the long way home, and sees that "Not Me" ghost all over the place. That's not particularly funny. It's just kind of creeps me out as I read the funnies on Sunday morning. 

Actually, "Out of Gamut" now has another meaning in cartoon circles. It is the title of the new, hysterical, single-panel, full-color cartoon feature now being published on a major, growing, Midwest-based, graphic communications company's most excellent website. The first one ever produced is right below the block of type that your eyeballs are bouncing across right now.

Bookmark this page, and come back to my blog often for regular installments of "Out of Gamut". It promises to make you cackle at some common color management issues, chuckle at some typical computer conundrums, or positively pop a seam over perplexing printing, prepress or publishing paradoxes. Or at least make you experience a grin more than say, "Mary Worth" or "Prince Valiant" can.



Out of Gamut

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