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Pega Collects Actionable User Feedback via Surveys

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The execution of digital asset management (DAM) software is dynamic — it’s constantly being modified with the goal of meeting, or even anticipating, evolving user needs. User feedback can provide valuable insights into what these updates should be, and why. 

At the 2019 Widen Summit, Sara Fix, Brand Project Manager at Pega, shared how her team uses surveys to gather feedback that informs improvements to their Widen Collective® site. 

Interacting with users: A DAM coalition

Pegasystems, or Pega for short, is a global software company that focuses on digital process automation and customer engagement for large enterprises in various industries. In 2017 they implemented the Widen Collective, which they call the Pega Digital Asset Hub. It stores a range of assets, from finished marketing materials to logos, icons, imagery, templates, and guides.

One way that Sara’s team interacts with their DAM users is through a group of power users, known as their DAM coalition. “This idea of a DAM coalition was something that was presented to us at the Boston Widen Workshop,” Sara said. The group meets every two to three months to discuss how they are using the Pega Digital Asset Hub, and find opportunities to improve the system’s capabilities and user experience. They even have a mission statement:

We are committed to supporting and investing in the long-term effectiveness and success of the DAM to benefit the Pega business and brand. As representatives of our teams, we collaborate to learn new things, set policies, refine processes, share feedback, and plan improvements.

“It’s just been a great way to keep the interest up, and make users feel engaged and empowered,” Sara explained.

User surveys

In support of the coalition’s mission, Sara’s team decided to use surveys to gather quantitative feedback. The first survey was issued in 2018. “The idea with this was to find out how they are really using the DAM. What do they like about it, what improvements do they have in mind?” It was comprised of the following five open-ended questions: 

  1. Briefly explain how you use the DAM system.

  2. What is your favorite DAM feature/function? Or, what is your favorite thing about the DAM system? 

  3. What types of tools or resources would help you learn more about using the DAM system  (video tutorials, help docs, check-in meetings, one-to-one support)? And, what would you like to learn more about? 

  4. Are there assets/content that aren’t in the DAM system that you wish were available? 

  5. Do you have any suggestions for future features, functions, or [user experience] UX in the DAM system?

Interpreting response data

The Pega team shows off their Widen stickers.

They surveyed approximately 25 users and received a range of valuable responses, such as this: 

“My favorite thing about the DAM is that it’s a great source for stock photos and high quality screenshots. I primarily download photos for PowerPoints or documents. I look for photos that evoke a theme.”

Not only does this respondent share why they use the DAM system (for images), they also explain how they use the images and what types of images they use. “What was interesting,” Sara said, “is that this feedback was definitely repeated by others in similar ways.” Her team identified the following themes across the survey data:

  • Imagery is important to their users
  • Users are looking for abstract and conceptual images
  • There is a demand for certain kinds of images, especially event photography and headshots

Actionable outcomes

In response to the survey feedback, Sara’s team made the following adjustments in their DAM system:

More imagery: Abstract and conceptual imagery was added to their collection to give users more options. 

New sub-categories within the “Imagery” category: Assets in the “Imagery” category are now organized into one of five sub-categories: stock photography, product screenshots, leadership and employee portraits, Pega people photography, and Pega event photography.

A new metadata field: All imagery assets were updated with a new field labeled “Photo style,” with controlled vocabulary terms, including: conceptual, lifestyle, portraits, environment and landscape, and others.

Pre-populated PowerPoint slides: They created a series of basic slides, using imagery that is optimized for PowerPoint and approved for download. These assets are all organized in a new sub-category called “Individual template slides” within the “Presentations” category.

Together, these additions and adjustments make it easier for Pega Digital Asset Hub users to find the content they use most frequently, and enhance the user experience. Further, they help increase overall user activity and the system’s value to the organization.

Ongoing survey opportunities 

Sara’s team decided to make user surveys a continual strategy for gathering feedback, and in 2019 they surveyed their coalition a second time. “The main goals with this survey was to spark interest in our users about DAM capabilities, to find out who is interested in trainings, and what they would like to learn more about.”

Survey questions Pegasystems used to get to know their DAM users better.

Again, the survey response data identified possible site modifications and improvements. Sara’s team is currently evaluating updates to address this feedback, and will prioritize those that bring the most value to the most users.

Surveys have allowed Pega to uncover ways to continually improve the Pega Digital Asset Hub for their users. Further, because users are able to influence how the system evolves, their engagement grows.  These Widen articles on surveys, email, and UX methodologies offer additional tips and tools for developing a user engagement strategy that works for your organization. 

Watch Sara's full presentation from the 2019 Widen Summit:


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