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In the world of catalog production services, one of the most challenging product lines to reproduce is jewelry. 

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It all begins at digital asset inception, photography. Our skilled photographers must find a creative way to capture small, reflective, shiny shapes. Think of gold and silver jewelry as a bunch of tiny perfect mirrors stretched around different odd shapes reflecting lights and darks at varying angles. Brilliantly colored gem stones possessing subtle hues, metal pieces with extremely detailed contours with exotic textures and subtle "drawing" in the faceted shapes; all need to be captured with amazing precision. The dynamic range, acuity, and technology required is staggering. Camera's such as the new Hasselblad H4D-200MS with 200 megapixels of resolution, let me say that again, 200 megapixels of resolution are paving the way for color and details we have never seen before! Coupled with cutting edge software like Phocus 2.6x yields true 16 bit image quality with results, that only one year ago, were unobtainable.  In the hands of a talented photographer, the creative potential is limitless.

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The digital post production artist must become a master illusionist finding a way to make the right mix of R - G - B pixel values look like shiny metallic golds, silvers, and brilliant specular diamonds. Every nuance, detail, and subtle tone captured in the photographic stage, brought to life by the digital pen of our skilled artisans, with many years of high end work under their belt. Our artists have the talents, creative vision, and strong channels of communication and client understanding, creating masterpieces that our customers expect, all in a timely and profitable manner. 

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Photo Composition - Many of the color technicians at Widen have spent over 20 years mastering the art of manipulating photographs, merging multiple images, and creating a breathtaking array of special effects for unforgettable visual results. Often this is the case when composing jewelry into alternate backgrounds and creative direction changes. The digital asset may be used in a small size, such as an online article or e-commerce site, or as large as a billboard. The staggering amount of post processing skills and color management knowledge required for such attention to detail and various media options is just another day at the office for the team.

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Color Manipulation - Using the latest equipment and proven color management techniques, our experienced color staff can retouch digital images to your exacting standards. Our dedicated Quality Control department will ensure that your standards are maintained throughout the color production process. Golds and silvers printed in last years catalog will be consistent and accurate with catalogs printed this year, and next.

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Using expert artisan technicians and advanced premedia technologies, Widen helps clients maintain accurate product representation of quality and craftsmanship with horsepower to quickly respond to color-critical client objectives. Our talents are leveraged in every medium, at every opportunity, wherever and whenever consumers work with us, even with finicky products such as jewelry. We create things, we design things, we retouch things, we color correct things. We have masterminded the process, the experience, and provide immeasurable value to our clients and their brands.

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