Photoshop Color Retouching and Manipulation of Layer Effects on a Digital Asset Part 2 by Matt Anderson

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For this example I will show you how to create some cool chrome effects on a digital asset. A high end furniture store wanted a nice looking catchy banner created for display. My direction was a certain color palette along with a neat chrome effect. To accomplish this task I used the powerful possibilites of Photoshops layer effects. At the end of this blog entry I will actually let you download the final .psd digital asset. (It has been resized.)

Here is the final image.

Achieving this effect required just about every trick that layer effects offers.

Here is a screen shot of the layers palette on the final photoshop file.

Step 1 - I type set both lines of copy
Step 2 - I created an upper and lower bar with the path tool
Step 3 - I created a midnight blue background with an inner shadow effect
Step 4 - I applied a drop shadow, inner shadow, inner glow, bevel and emboss, color overlay, gradient overlay, satin and stroke to the text and bar layers
Step 5 - I also applied a Hue/Saturation and Curve adjustment layer to each of the type layers for additional color correction and contrast.
Step 6 - Using an air brush that fades, I painted white strokes for a nice catch light

Here is an animation of the layer effects settings I used.

*Hint* an easy way to copy and paste layer effects between layers is to control(Mac) click on the layer effects you want to copy (in the layer palette) and select copy layer style. Next, select the layer(s) you want to apply the layer effects too, control(Mac) click and select paste from the layer style option. Now your layer style is quickly applied to the new layer.

Click here to download the layered Photoshop file

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