PIA Color Management Conference: Take 6

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Color Management: 10 Years Back and 10 Years Forward - How Times Have Changed: Part 3

This session at The PIA Color Management Conference featured three industry experts who took the audience back in time and then took a peek into the future of color management technology. I will cover each speaker's presentation in a separate blog post. This post covers Dan Caldwell's presentation.

Dan Caldwell
Dan Caldwell is the president of operations at ICS (Integrated Color Solutions, Inc.) Dan was one of the brains behind ColorBlind software form the late 90s and he is now producing cutting edge solutions at ICS, like Remote Director (soft proofing software). Dan spoke to the future of color management.

Still Too Complex
Dan began by saying that color management is still too complex. In order to make it easier for everyone to use, color management needs to:

  • Move into the subsystems
    • That's starting to happen, but it's not there yet
  • It needs to become transparent
    • So that we are using it but we don't know we're using it
  • All devices need to be self calibrating
  • All software needs to call on those calibrations

Dan got a chuckle from the audience when he said all the above points were pulled from a ColorBlind presentation from 1999. Meaning that we are still facing some of the same issues as we did 10 years ago. "We've made some strides here, but this is still a valid list of where we need to go in the future." Dan said.

The future of color management will involve the displays becoming much more important. Remote proofing and collaboration is becoming a bigger part of our workflow."Soft proofing will become much more accepted." Dan said.

We will see more and more large gamut displays. The color and luminance consistency is better and the resolution is getting higher.

We need automated verification of ICC profiles, the CMMs, workflows and documents. Systems need to verify that they are color accurate, you can't just assume they are accurate. Dan pointed to Maxwell from Chromix as one tool that is providing this feature. 

Dan wrapped up by predicting where we will be in 2018:

  • All ICC profiles will be spectral based
  • All applications will assign color handling automatically
  • All systems will call on color management by default
  • Monitors will handle ALL proofing
  • Microsoft will introduce a working color management solution (laughter)



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