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Here we are kids in NYC!  Hanging out at the Javits Center at the PhotoPlus Expo - booth 1848 (Did you know that’s the year Wisconsin became a state?).  Chris Norris, Jake Athey, and I are showing the world – well at least the photography world – Backdrop by Widen.  As you probably already know Backdrop is our photography approval system that helps speed things up.  We have a great location by the Expo Theater and show traffic has been superb.  And the coolest?  Our Backdrop logo listed next to powerhouses like Epson, Sony, Nikon and HP.

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What have we been doing (other than drinking $5 cokes and eating $24 sandwiches)?  Chris has been attending seminars and listening to experts in the industry and will be bringing back many ideas to Widen.  Jake and I have been talking to photographers from around the globe about their workflows.  And what have we found?  No matter if you are a photographer in Santa Fe, Apple River, or Manhattan – everyone struggles with coming up with a more efficient workflow.  Everyone is busy.  Everyone needs more hours in a day.  And how can we help?  Backdrop automates those boring, tedious, redundant, everyday tasks that slooooooowwwww down workflows.  Taking pictures of Blues bands and need the band manager to review?  Use Backdrop.  Taking product shots at gift shows in LA, San Fran, and Chicago?  Need Backdrop.  Rolling out a new product line and need catalog images?  Backdrop, baby.

Jake and I will be blogging more about our trip … keep checking back and stop by and see us if you are in town.

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