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RAW Presets for Photoshop CS4 & Lightroom: Canon EOS-1D Mark IV by Matt Anderson CS5

by ,

RAW presets are helpful little buddies ...

Dry version for the more technical: (scroll past this paragraph if your sleepy or hungover)
If you have ever worked with lots of RAW files under tight deadlines you know how important it is to have a streamlined workflow. Repetitious tasks must be identified and engineered into quick and fast solutions. If not, your going to be up for a laborious all-nighter, and that cuts into late night fun time. Whatever your late night fun time may be ... Recently with the release of Photoshop CS4 (also an earlier beta DNG version) Adobe has finally created a bit of parity between manufacturers in-camera photo settings and ACR's Camera Calibration-Profiles Tab. What does this mean for you? Less grief and head scratching, and more time at the beach. Rewind back to CS3 and before. Unless you did some complicated ACR camera calibrations with Macbeth target measurement and validations, your camera JPEG files never matched your RAW files when imported into ACR for processing. Also, you might have struggled to properly color correct files because of gamut shifts in certain color hues. (Saturated reds and greens) Now Adobe has kindly done their homework and provided us consumers with pre-canned discrete camera profiles.

Short and sweet version:
I have created some camera preset profiles for the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV.

You will find the downloads for each of these below.

Download and decompress the .zip file. You will see the current preset Adobe is offering per the camera model. This preset has naming parity with the in-camera picture styles. (I also thru in a fun one with more to follow ...) Loading these files is easy. There are a few ways to load these into Photoshop CS4. The easiest is to go to the Camera Calibration tab in ACR and click on the little triangular arrow, select load. Navigate to the decompressed .zip file and select load. Now you should see the loaded presets in the ACR Settings tab (which is right next to the Camera Calibration tab. You can also load these presets into the latest version of Lightroom.

Loading Presets for ACR


Loading Presets for Lightroom:
You can easily load the Lightroom presets by right clicking on the User Presets text


Or, for Mac users, copy the presets into the following directory

Side Note!
These presets incorporate Adobes default ACR settings, except when choosing a camera calibration other than "Adobe Standard".

Here is aslightly posterized animated .gif example visually displaying the differences for your viewing pleasure. I have also included a fun version called "Pseudo HDR" that works quite nicely on certain photos.

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV Example
Beautiful Woman on Waile - Maui Beach Hawaii
Photo of a Bikin Clad woman at the Waile Beach Maui Hawaii by Matt Anderson Photography

I hope you find these presets helpful. Anyone can make these, the hard part is finding the time. If your like me, usually your in a hurry and process files from the seat of your pants. I try to slow myself down and hone my workflows for better asset management and processing. You will also find these presets handy for importing a large volume of files into Lightroom. Having the ability to quickly apply a preset on import to many files for fast previewing and cataloging is invaluable. Now, if only I could make presets for all the post processing and retouching that follows. I bet Adobe Photoshop CS5 will take care of that! Be the ball Danny ...

LINK to ACR-Photoshop/Bridge Presets (.xmp) & Lightroom Presets (.lrtemplate) (.ZIP File)

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