Reality TV vs. Software as a Service…Is That Even Possible?

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With the lack of screen writing over the past months, it
seems that reality TV is taking over almost all programming.  There’s Big
, America
Next Top Model, American Idol, Survivor and many, many more.  Why is it that these shows are able to fill
the void?  When you boil it down, there’s
simply less scripting required and nearly free actors.  The shows are later edited to highlight a
specific part or process of the human condition that is seen by viewers as “the

How can this possibly be related to software as a service
you ask?  There’s actually some
interesting parallels between the behind-the-scenes functionality of standard
programming and software as a service. 
These similarities can also be seen when comparing reality TV and
installed software.

Mind you, I’m not talking about functionality here, but more
what goes on behind the scenes through the eyes of the providers.  Your typical installed software solution for
asset management in similar to reality TV in the way that there is less
required for deployment.  Once the
software is installed on site the provider typically gets to sit back and watch
it’s product.  It has left the building
and it is now the job of their client to maintain what they created.  This is similar to reality TV as they release
their segment and see how people react to the situations and the
characters.  Their work is continually
done with much less behind the scenes.

Software as a service isn’t quite as lucky.  There is the constant hosting and
transmission of information all around the globe and continuous updating and
development that goes into keeping a system on the cutting edge of technology.  Standard television programming can be
similar with research constantly being done to keep the topics socially
relevant as well as working with many actors and intricate sets.  All of this compounds into what arrives at
the consumer as a much more polished product. 

There are general differences in the ways that both comparable
situations are forced to operate as well. 
Reality TV requires constant changing of characters and plot twists to
keep people interested, while installed software solutions also require large
sweeping upgrades too keep with modern development trends and
functionality.  With so much more going
on behind the scenes, your favorite sit-com is able to stay on the air for
decades without changing the core characters and keeping similar stories going
all along the way.  Software as a service
is comparable, with minor changes being made here and there, but the overall
product keeps pace with your workflows while never needing a complete overhaul.

The end result seems to be a system that you’re able to be
more familiar with.  It grows and adjusts
with you, and never leaves you wondering why a certain parts may have been left
out or even why new, crazy things are included. 
It’s logical.  It’s intuitive.  It’s exactly how you like it.

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