Repetitious Messaging and Work Flows; Updating Your Marketing Procedures

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Every night when I get home the news blares for over an hour
before I get frustrated about hearing the same leads and stories over and over
again on all of the different channels. 
It’s not that I don’t care about what’s going on in the world; I just
can’t take the repetition, even if there is more information with this
particular report.  Marketing works the
same way, and making sure that your messaging and workflows aren’t repetitious
is just as important as the message you’re trying to communicate.

Software as a Service (SaaS) has revolutionized marketing
communications for years now, helping ease the burden of complicated workflows
involving images, audio and video.  By
storing all of your marketing assets in one location and regulating entry to
the collection, time is eliminated that you would typically spend searching for
images and then making sure they’re in the right format.  While the time saving is nice for you, media
outlets and bloggers greatly appreciate this freedom to locate their own materials.

While these individuals may be working with you now through bulky
emails and excessive disc burning, SaaS allows them immediate access to images,
audio and video that can all be used in a more timely fashion to help them meet
deadlines.  These individuals outside of
your company that want to discuss your products or services are vital to the
health of your marketing department. 

In this new Web 2.0 world timeliness is fundamental, along
with a simple user experience that will leave these outside individuals always wanting
more.  One of our clients, Nikki Beach
Publishing, has started using our DAM system for just such a purpose.  Nikki Beach is using the central repository
of images and marketing materials to feed the creation of launch kits for hotel
openings, collateral material creation and overall brand management of this
rapidly growing company.

Widen’s digital asset management has allowed the media to
get brand approved pictures of new venues, while also allowing creative and
marketing internal access for a more searchable and overall usable system where
the catalog virtually every piece of marketing collateral.  And all of this without waiting on one cd to
burn, or getting burned out on repetitive messaging or tasks.

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