Repurposing DAM: Backdrop Photography Approval

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Other people have talked about customization and configuration, but now I want to talk about repackaging digital asset management technologies to serve a slightly different purpose.  The Widen DAM is a very configurable application, however our research team found there were very few web-based applications dedicated to photography workflow so we decided a more drastic change was necessary.

Widen launched a beta version of Backdrop™ with the Winter ‘07 release of the Widen Collective suite of digital asset management technologies to better serve the needs of  photographers and creative teams who can’t be at the same place at the same time during the review process.

Similar in look to Adobe Lightroom, Phase One’s Capture One and Apple Aperture, Backdrop is the web-based extension of these desktop software apps developed to streamline the photography routing and review process by speeding up the front end of the creative cycle.  It means photographers spend more time shooting pictures (and not doing admin tasks) and organizations get their images faster so they can focus on merchandising, marketing and creative.  What is there not to love?

Some of the overlapping parts with DAM and Backdrop include the drag-and-drop uploads, metadata and search functionality.  That’s all well and good, but the cool parts of the app include: an interface designed for professional photography review, automated workflow triggers for approvals, comments and re-shoot notifications, and the ability to integrate the application with other digital asset management systems via web services.  Plus, our favorite part – all the positive feedback we’ve received from photographers and art directors.

Backdrop is available for photography studios and corporate marketing / creative departments.  Learn more at

Check out a demo of Backdrop at:

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