Repurposing Your Digital Assets for the Most Effective Marketing Asset Management

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Repurposed assets - like straightened out paperclipsAmong the effects of good marketing asset management are increased efficiency, improved brand consistency, and improved relevancy with the localization of marketing collateral. The storage benefits of a cloud-based DAM system are compelling, but there are other reasons for using centralized DAM software to power your multi-channel marketing operations. One is that it streamlines the repurposing of digital assets in ways that far exceed the abilities of disparate media libraries.

The pliable nature of digital assets, combined with modern multi-channel marketing, makes them highly suitable for repurposing. Many people confuse repurposing with reusing. The difference between reusing and repurposing digital assets is that when one reuses something, you often use it for the same reason in the same way multiple times. To repurpose something is to alter it and/or incorporate it into other forms without completely recreating it—like when you add a plow to the front of a pickup truck, or when you straighten out a paperclip to do, well, any of the myriad things a straightened out paperclip can do. In terms of digital assets, repurposing is all about adapting images, videos and other media for use in different channels, promotions and campaigns instead of creating one asset for a brochure and very similar, separate one for a website. This is a practice companies with no central asset library, no collaborative tools and no ability to get assets in the proper format quickly and easily often fall victim to, which equates to lost time and money.

Repurposing digital assets makes them far more valuable because it saves resources that would have been used for their production. DAM helps with repurposing digital assets because it allows publishers and end-users to easily and effectively share and communicate about a centrally hosted set of brand assets. Instead of users wasting precious time and company resources recreating new assets, they can easily repurpose existing ones. Administrators could also provide the most commonly repurposed assets with metadata tags or put them in an appropriately named queue for quick access.

Repurposing is such an important aspect of marketing asset management that Widen considers the repurposing ratio to be one of the most important statistics to track in DAM analysis. The "repurposing ratio" is a comparison between active digital assets and the number of files ordered. This provides insight into the extent to which content is repurposed over a period of time, which is valuable in understanding the return on marketing investments gained by maximizing the value of digital assets.

Watch a demo of Widen DAM to learn more about how the best software-as-a-service (SaaS) DAM can help your company save money.

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