Roller Derby … Dairyland Dolls … and Digital Asset Management? What?!

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When’s the last time YOU saw roller derby?  Well for me, it was last weekend in Madison, Wisconsin – home of the Dairyland Dolls AND Widen.  Is there a connection between flat track roller derby and digital asset management software?  Well, here goes. 

The Women’s Flat-Track Derby Association is a relatively new group established to organize the 100+ roller derby leagues in North America – and has over 4000 registered skaters.  Now think about all the stuff this group has … team pictures, logos, graphics for posters, t-shirt designs, video clips … lots and lots of digital media from all across the country.  And I’m guessing not much of a staff to help them organize everything.  Now if the association had Widen’s digital media management platform to organize and distribute their digital assets – I can guarantee that we would make the staff SO happy that they might not want to knock down another woman from another roller derby team! 

If the association had a web-based DAM system, they could allow users from ANYWHERE in the world access to certain things on the site.  The beauty of DAM SaaS means not having to be stuck with some software installed at only one location for an organization.  And when an organization has members spread out across North America – a web-based solution sure seems to be the way to go.  With each league or team being not only part of a national association, but also being their own ‘brand’ – the association and its members would definitely benefit from an asset management system. 

The goal of the Women’s Flat-Track Derby Association is “World Domination,” which is ironic because we want to help organizations with that goal.  Hey Women’s Flat-Track Derby Association – give us a call!

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