Roots… from little acorns, giant Oaks grow

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Tom Schmidt, Executive Vice President

This all started when Mark Widen and his dad Arthur started a company to create copper and zinc engravings 60 years ago.  This has emerged to one of the leading hosted providers in a global market plus one of the top prepress services providers in the US.  I can only speak to the last 25 years.  There are a few with longer exposures, Reed, Terry Vial and more that have witnessed a transition of seeing Wacho in a rubber apron, goggles and brush… dot etching film, to being one of the first installs of Scitex, on to Visionary, Widen Collective DAM SaaS, to ???

In those 60 years one element that has always been strong is the quality of the people who comprise the company.  Remember the day when our production supervisor announced that he was going to start his own company and take six other employees with him. The crew that was left stepped to the plate and compensated.  Today, if you examine the biography of current employees, they have varied experiences always stepping to the plate to meet the new technology, being creative in its implementation.

After 25 years, the most significant thing I remember is it has always been “FUN”, wouldn’t trade it for any other vocation.  There are not a lot of people that can’t say that about their vocation, glad that I am one who can.  For those in the pipeline, everyone should be excited on what’s going to happen next!

…What is going to happen next?

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