SaaS is the New Black

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Software-as-a-service is now the most fashionable method of using software technologies.  “It used to be fashionable to purchase software independent from the infrastructure and service needed to run the software,” communicates a hypothetical former I.T. fan of installed software.  “It meant job security, new challenges, and a chance to work with different departments that I did not understand.” 

The former I.T. fan of installed software (FITFOIS – see side note regarding JABOT in previous blog regarding acronym use) revealed that he really did not understand the demands of the business unit and really didn’t care.  Mr. FITFOIS goes on, “I admit that working with other departments was like working blind, especially with marketing and creative teams.  Those people had weird demands that I just didn’t understand so I wasn’t really interested in the software installation projects from the marketing and creative teams.”

“The process for purchasing installed software was entertaining,” Mr. FITFOIS comments, “these installed software salespeople commit to doing everything and under deliver every time, it is truly an amazing spectacle – a disaster really.”

This is typical of installed software providers which is one of the key reasons they are no longer the fashionable choice for deploying software technologies.  The other key reason why software-as-a-service providers are more fashionable is the service levels.  Service levels are non-existent in the installed software world and business units are fed up.

Mr. FITFOIS divulges, “you don’t really know how important service is until you actually receive it and I would never go back to installed software given my recent software-as-a-service experience.”  Evidence of this can be seen with an installed software provider in the digital asset management industry.  The research organization CMS Watch identified less than favorable customer experiences with a specific installed DAM software provider AND as a result also uncovered an integrity / lack of factual data issue.  This example can be found at the following blog: DAM vendors engage in analyst payola, then dissemble about it, too.

Full disclosure is what software-as-a-service providers embrace and what installed software providers fear.  It is this reason that SaaS is the new black and the most fashionable choice for maximizing the use of software technologies.

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