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I'd like to share with you a, IMHO, really cool CS4 action for creating a sharpening contact sheet. Have you ever eaten up lots of time, money, and consumables trying to get sharpening right for print or even web output? I have created an action that will make a file containing a grid with various amounts of sharpening. I'd created this on a Mac, as far as I know it will work on a PC as well. This isn't intended to be the end all be all for sharpening, but a quick way to narrow down what kind of sharpening is needed for your output media.

First, start off with a file that is scaled to 100% @ 300 dpi output size. Crop a section of this to a dimension of 2" x 2" @ 300 dpi. You can set the marquee selection tool for this. The file will be 600 pixels x 600 pixels (very important). Next run the action.

What does the action do ?
It creates a USM grid varying amount and radius.
The file will be 8" x 8" @300 dpi. ( a nice size that will fit on a LET page ;~} )
As you go down the radius increases
As you go right the amount increases

Original, 50 .5, 100 .5, 200 .5
Original, 50 1. 100 1, 200 1
Original, 50 1.5, 100 1.5, 200 1.5
Original, 50 2. 100 2, 200 2
Example of Original > Final Sharpening Grid

Download the Sharpening Sheet Creator Action for Photoshop (Zip) 

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