Snowballs, the Polar Bear Plunge, and DAM. What possible correlation could there be?

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My blogs have by called “fluffy” by co-workers … ironically by those who aren’t expected to blog.  Anyway be prepared for another fluffy blog … this time about throwing snow balls, the Polar Bear Plunge, and digital asset management. 

Chris Norris, Lead Developer at Widen Enterprises, is our resident renaissance man.  Developer.  Photographer.  Videographer.  Charity Supporter.  DAM user.  When he’s not slaving away on JAVA code at Widen, he’s shooting cool photographs around town and making the occasional video.  But he never truly escapes his job at Widen as he uses the Widen Media Collective for his personal photography and videos.  Take for example the latest video he shot detailing the extensive training he underwent preparing for the Polar Bear Plunge.  In case you haven’t heard of it, the Polar Bear Plunge involves hardy souls like Chris – jumping into the ridiculously icy waters of Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin to raise money for Special Olympics.  (for those of you in more temperate climates – it was minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit on my drive to work today)  To really show people what it takes to prepare for an event like this, Chris created this “training” video (and this is where many, many snowballs come into play). 

Now to bring all this together ... snowballs, Polar Bear Plunge, and DAM … After he finished his raw video, he uploaded it into Widen’s hosted digital asset management software.  What makes software as service sweet is the ability to access it wherever you may be … all you need is an internet connection.  So you don’t need to be tied to your desk at work hooking up with your company network  … you can be sitting on your couch at home watching Star Trek and uploading your raw video (showing people pelting you with snow balls) and your still shots to the media asset storage system any time day or night.  Once the uncut video footage was uploaded, Chris sent an order to his video editor in Portland, Oregon.  He didn’t have to worry about a huge file like this getting caught up in spam filters because his editor receives an email with a link (no attachment!) that goes to a pickup page where she can download the file.  Once the video is edited and complete, Chris gave his editor upload privileges and the finished video was uploaded to Widen’s video asset management application.  Chris (or anyone Chris decides to give privileges to) can login and view the video within our video hosting provider service without even having to download it.  And the other cool part is how Chris used embed links to transfer the video to different websites.  Instead of manually putting that video on 5 different websites, he used an embed link on those pages so every time a page loads that contains the video embed link the data is transferred from the Widen DAM to the various websites.  If Chris decides to update the video – all he has to do is upload the new video into DAM and – viola – all the websites that have that video via embed links are automatically updated with new video!  One change versus five!

So, one more fluffy blog post.  How many more left to go?


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