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For those of you familiar with Widen Enterprises, you probably are familiar with our talk about digital asset management, photography workflow applications, and premedia services.  You may have any read our 'standard' blurb, "Widen has honed its more than 60 years of experience in premedia and color management specifically for the creative industry, assisting its clients with marketing execution, creative support, photography workflow management and sales enablement through its intuitive suite of web-based digital asset management applications."  But is that it?  Is there more to Widen? 

YES!!  One of the things that makes me proud to work at Widen relates to Widen’s philosophy and involvement (practice what you preach!) with being Socially Sustainable.  What is this?  I found a great definition of it this morning – “Social sustainability … strives to take future generations into consideration, and to live with the awareness that our actions make an impact on others and the world at large.”  Widen wants to ensure that our community thrives through its contributions to schools and non-profit organizations.  Many companies say they do this, but do they really?

This year Widen became involved with Forward Lymphoma.  Forward Lymphoma was established to raise funds to develop a preeminent lymphoma research program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  It was started by a local entrepreneur who was diagnosed with lymphoma last year and found out that research was lacking for this particular kind of cancer.  Widen became involved with web development, marketing, and establishing a digital asset management site for the organization to house its marketing collateral material.  All of this helps Forward Lymphoma raise money for research at a much faster pace!  For those of us working on this project, we’ve been blessed with being part of something that will impact others and the world at large.  Thank you Widen and thank you Forward Lymphoma.

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