Social media, DAM software and marketing technologists

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iStock_000019473221XSmallSocial media presents a challenge for marketing and business in general. These platforms not only allow people to engage directly with brands, but also encourage users to share your content with their networks. These marketing channels come with their own unique difficulties. They require near immediate reaction to customer and prospect engagement, along with a large digital asset library to help keep conversations fresh.

This is why digital asset management tools are a necessary part of social media marketing. In providing a platform that facilitates more efficient management and use of digital assets, a good DAM system that can automatically transcode videos and images becomes a critically valuable tool for social media marketing. However, put digital asset management programs in the able hands of a marketing technologist and the DAM system can become a powerful game changer for any organization or company.

Marketing technologists help you get more or a return on your investment in any DAM system, including use in social media marketing workflows. They know how to leverage the system to make it a tool for feeding assets into your social content. How?

  • The right version for the right channel — DAM systems can help you ensure that people are not wasting time and resources waiting for unnecessarily long uploads or performing manual file conversions to make assets compatible with social platforms.
  • Making metadata relevant — A marketing technologist can help you ensure that your metadata schemes are actually useful for your social media communications. It should help you move at the speed of social networks, and a technologist can help you get there.
  • Direct publishing — Perhaps most importantly, a technologist can help you understand what is possible and how bet to leverage a DAM system that lets you publish assets directly from the DAM software to your social networking sites.

To learn more about the role that marketing technologists can play with social media platforms, please see this white paper titled, "Digital Asset Management and the Marketing Technologist" by the DAM Foundation's Mark Davey.

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