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Mark Dordel, Quality Assurance

Working in Quality Assurance at Widen means that I work on a team that attempts to unveil most of the faults in the Widen Collective digital asset management software before it is ever released into the wild.  Imagine what would happen to our customer base if Widen did not include QA in the development process.  There would be dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria!  That’s what.

Not really, but our Communications team would be swamped by irate callers and emailers (is that a word?) wondering why they keep running into errors or even worse: incorrect behavior.

Collective is a fairly complex piece of marketing software.  We offer several different applications, most of which interact with each other, and each application’s behavior is dictated by a set of enabled features.  Do not get me wrong, we have some very fine developers in R&D, but ultimately they are human and they sometimes (very rarely) make an error when they code or compile.  That is why I have a job here.

Widen QA is the first line of defense in the battle for customer loyalty and brand perception.  If Collective doesn’t work as advertised, I have not done my job.  My job is not a day to day, Monday through Friday sort of job.  I am always thinking of ways to reveal faults in our software, and critically think about in things I encounter in everyday life.  I am always asking myself: why are things like this or that?  How can this or that be improved?  Why does this or that software return an error when I follow this workflow? 

Think about this, we are immersed in software every day.  You use software every time you use your car, get an X-Ray, pump gas, make a phone call, browse websites, pet your cat (hey, cats are soft)!  Behind all of that software are people performing Quality Assurance (some are obviously much better at this than others).

Quality Assurance, like Software Development is never finished, and at Widen the R&D department operates in a quasi-Agile environment.  This sort of environment always keeps the QA team on its feet.  We are always learning, and always trying to keep a few steps ahead of our customers.

We are Widen QA.

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