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Based on that title you may think, “oh no, not another blog bashing the stability of cloud computing.”  Not even close.  DAM is the industry acronym for digital asset management and Widen has geared up its’ digital asset management system to leverage the power of cloud computing. 

Widen defines cloud computing as a technology revolution enabling infinite scale to meet a rising demand for processing and storage with a pay-for-what-you-use pricing model to accommodate the peaks and valleys of demand without breaking the bank.  It’s not just a marketing term, it is very real and it will change the way organizations do business.

Cloud computing is the push software-as-a-service needed in the bloody battle with installed software.  Installed software providers scamper to enter the software-as-a-service market because they played their cards wrong when they started.  They see a dead-end; an end-of-life to their products and we are happy to report that the regime that strangled marketers and internal I.T. departments with over-priced and under-performing technology is over. 

Freedom from limitation, freedom from legacy applications, freedom from lackluster service, and freedom from the resource drain that is installed software – that, my fellow marketers and technology enthusiasts, is what digital asset solutions leveraging the power of cloud computing is enabling you to do. 

It enables internal I.T. teams who are challenged trying to keep pace with the exponential growth of digital media, specifically graphics and video files.  These types of digital media are the most desirable for marketers because of the high impact and direct ties to capturing market share and maximizing revenue opportunities

The benefits of cloud computing for customers using Widen for digital media management is the use of digital media throughout the entire internet (corporate sites, brands, distributors, dealers, outlets) and electronic communications (email, blog) using only one file location.  Widen digital asset management serves as a true central location of digital media that is repurposed through embed links using the power of the cloud.   

So you want to place a 25 minute video of your CEO speaking on your intranet so your employees can watch it.  I.T. says they cannot handle it because 5,000 people watching 25 minutes of video at 10:00 a.m. would cripple the infrastructure.  The answer is simpler than you think; upload it to the Widen media asset management system, copy the unique URL and paste it into the intranet site.  When 5,000 people watch it they are viewing it from Widen DAM that is leveraging the power of cloud computing. 

I love that DAM cloud.

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